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Next generation loyalty solutions

"About The solution" offers a Loyalty Management Solution “LMS” that will help the enterprise in connecting to their customers more. Being updated and knowledgeable about what your users want will probably bring loyalty to the customers.


Increase the speed of doing business

Deliver amazing customer experiences

Work smarter with connected operations

Drive business performance

Loyalty Management solution “LMS”

It provides a Customer 360 view for the enterprise that could be used in analyzing to what the company needs to meet the current demands and trends not just for their current members, but also to their target customers. Those could help the company in developing programs that would suit the best for them so that they may feel connected and dedicated to your product and services.

Examples of those could be:

  • Calculation Schemas
  • Redemptions Capabilities
  • Vouchers Generation
  • Dynamic Segmentation


Key Benefits OF "Loyalty Management Solution"

Customer Retention
   is the key to healthy business growth. It costs less to maintain customers than it does to acquire new ones. Loyalty can help you retain your most valuable customers. 
Gain Customer Insights
 Discover your most loyal customers. Track your customers' visits, frequency, money spent, and more valuable data with reports. Anticipate sales trends and segment your customers for target marketing. 
Competitive Differentiator 
With your loyalty program it is possible to differentiate yourself from your competition. You can show that you care more about the customer than the others in your industry by providing different programs aspects. 
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
 Customer Lifetime Value is the net profit attributed to the overall relationship you will maintain with a customer. It measures how valuable the customer is to you now and the projected value of all your interactions with them in the future.  

Customer Loyalty

There are still many loyalty features to keep your members loyal and make new members loyal. You could do that by providing customer buying habits and attracting new members. "About The solution" provides that "LMS" that helps retail business to be more successful through loyalty that will hold and make the segmentation and marketing of your enterprise solid and better.

Ajman Market Story

“ (AboutThesolution LMS) helps us a lot to adapt easily with market changes and the high competition. Using Dynamics 365 as the base for ATS LMS helps to have centralization as well as easy access to our different data like customers’ details and transactions with high flexibility to have reporting and analytics features currently and in future when needed.” Abbas Samir – IT Manager 

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